The condition and longevity of a tennis court is directly related to the amount of care and maintenance it receives.

All tennis court facilities and equipment require some degree of maintenance over their life especially the tennis court.

The degree, frequency, amount and cost of maintenance vary depending on the type of surface installed.

It is essential that a maintenance regime for the courts is adopted covering what is to be done, by whom and how frequently.

There are quite a number of types of tennis court surfaces and each has their own specialised maintenance tools.

Pay attention to your maintenance equipment, as it will also require some form of repair, maintenance and lubrication over time.

An option for court owners is to engage a maintenance organisation to undertake their ongoing and preventative maintenance regime. Even so, the court owner/user is not absolved from day to day care and maintenance responsibility of their courts.

If court owners/users neglect their court’s maintenance, the playing surface will deteriorate earlier, unnecessary expense will be incurred and ultimately the pleasure of playing tennis on the courts will also deteriorate.

Prevention is always better than cure.

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