Coloured Ball Ratings

Coloured Ball Ratings (CBR) allows players and coaches to provide level based paying opportunities, track a players progress and assist in their transition through to yellow ball competitions when they are ready.


The Coloured Ball Ratings (CBR) have been designed to encourage participation and allow all players to be included in the Australian competitive play environment, with more levels available as a player progresses through the different coloured balls.


Please see below the most frequently asked questions to learn more.


What are coloured ball ratings

The Coloured Ball Rating is for players who play in red, orange, and green ball competitions. The Coloured Ball Rating is designed to allow players to achieve level-based play opportunities, and reward players for playing often.


How does the Coloured Ball Rating work?

The Coloured Ball Rating is made up of the following levels for each competition:

Red: R1 (One level available for red ball competition players)
Orange: O1 & O2 (Two levels available for orange ball competition players)
Green G1, G2 & G3 (Three levels available for green ball competition players)

The ratings are designed to give parents, coaches and clubs a guide to assist in achieving level-based play opportunities for players, ensuring they get the best on court experience possible. Inspiring a love of tennis in all players which last for a lifetime. They have been designed to not have too much movement for the player, so they can focus on playing the game and having fun.


How do players move between colours and levels?

Players/parents should always talk to their coach about what colour competition they should play or be transitioning into. The below outlines how the transition from a rating perspective works.

Transitioning between ball colours:
• To transition from red to the orange ball, once players have their first match result from an orange ball competition, they will transition to an orange ball grouping on the CBR rating, ie O1.
• From orange ball to a green ball, most players will go through a trial period, which you can learn more about below.
Progressing within a specific ball colour (i.e., Orange Ball 1 to Orange Ball 2, or Green Ball 2 to Green Ball 3) is contingent on the match performance in that ball colour.


What is the TRIAL PERIOD for transitioning to a green ball?

The trial period is an important time for the development of a tennis player moving to the green ball. When starting the transition between the orange and green balls, the rating algorithm will provide you with a “trial period” of five matches. Meaning, players can play in green ball competitions, it will not impact the rating for the first five matches.
On a sixth green ball match has been played, A player will transition to the green level rating. In other words, the trial period will end, and the player will enter the Colour Ball Rating of G1, G2, or G3.

In the end, there are no set rules about how fast a player can move throughout the Colour Ball Rating scale. Your CBR Rating is based on your results. Do your best, play often, and you should be progressing in no time!


Does the Coloured Ball Rating restrict me to only playing in that colour competition?

No, a player can choose what type of competition they would like to play in. For example, if you have a rating of G2 and choose to play yellow ball competitions this is OK.

You should always talk to your coach or family about when is the right time to move into the next colour ball competition level.


How do I get a Coloured Ball Rating

Players who play in in Coloured Ball Competitions that are recorded via an online platform (Match Centre, Tournament Planner, UTR Sports competition management and others) will generate a Coloured Ball Rating.

To view your coloured ball rating complete your Competitive Player Profile and log into your UTR Sports account and view on your profile.


How does the Coloured Ball Rating help me progress into yellow ball competitions as a player?

The Coloured Ball Rating allows players to progress through the different ball colours at their own pace, while getting a rating to provide level based play opportunities.

Once a player is ready, to progress from green ball competition to yellow ball competition there current green ball rating will provide a guide of the level of competitions they should look to start in for yellow ball. For example a player with a green ball rating of G2 should look for a yellow ball competition with a UTR Rating standard of 2, this will give them them best opportunity of continuing to achieve level based play.


How do I complete my competitive Player Profile

Find step to complete your Competitive Player Profile HERE.

For further FAQs and information on Coloured Ball Ratings, visit the UTR Sports website