Divisions & Formats


Players can enter a maximum of one singles and one doubles event

  • Open Singles (max 16 players)
  • Open Doubles (max 16 teams)
  • Women’s Open / A Singles (16 players)
  • A Singles (max 24 players)
  • A Doubles (max 16 teams)
  • B Singles (max 24 players)
  • B Doubles (max 16 teams)
  • Women’s B / C Singles (16 players)
  • C Singles (max 24 players)
  • C Doubles (max 16 teams)
  • D Singles (max 24 players)
  • D Doubles (max 16 teams)

Social Play (non-tournament players)

Match Formats

Singles and Doubles matches will be played to the best of 2 tie-break sets & a match tie-break.

  • A player / team needs to win 2 sets to win the match.
  • Each set is the first to 6 games.
  • The first player / team who wins 6 games wins that set, providing thee is a margin of 2 games over the opponent(s).
  • If the score reaches 6 games all, a tie-break to 7 points leading with a margin of 2 shall be played.
  • If the score in a match is one set all, one tie-break shall replace the deciding final set.
  • The player / team who first wins 10 points shall win the match tie-break, and the match, providing there is a margin of 2 points over the opponent(s).

Consolation match formats will be advised closer to the event.

Standard Round Robin rules following pre-set GLTA default software setting apply. Players advance:

  • Match;
  • Set; and
  • Game difference in that order.

The tournament director reserves the right to shorten the length / scoring of all matches due to inclement weather, scheduling delays, or other reasons in the best interest of completing the tournament in time. However, all efforts will be made to ensure that every match played within a certain level in the same round are scored in the same manner.


AO Glam Slam 2024 will use current GLTA Rules for all events. Please read the GLTA Tournament Rulebook carefully to ensure you have entered the proper division.
Tennis Australia reserves the right to alter a player’s division but will do so in consultation with the player.

  • Open – NTRP 5.0+ rating-highly advanced tournament player
  • A – NTRP 4.5 -5 rating-advanced tournament player
  • B – NTRP 3.5-4.0 rating-high intermediate tournament player
  • C – NTRP 3.0 rating-low intermediate tournament player
  • D – NTRP 2.5 or less rating-beginning tournament player

Click here for more information on the NTRP rating system.

In order to prevent “sandbagging” (i.e., playing at a level substantially below a player’s actual skill level), Tennis Australia has absolute discretion in determining whether a player will be permitted to play at a certain level, even if you receive permission from the GLTA executive board to play at a certain level. GLTA tournament entry ranking cut offs for each division will be strictly adhered to.