National Facility Framework

Tennis 2020 facility development and management framework for Australian tennis was initiated to stimulate Tennis Australia’s vision to ‘Grow the Game’ and to recognise that significant resources, both financial and human, have in the past and continue to be invested into tennis by individual tennis players, largely through accrued membership fees and by different levels of government grants.

In recent years, the introduction of court lighting and the emergence of synthetic surface types to accommodate environmental, maintenance and replacement costs as well as player preferences, has significantly impacted the way tennis is consumed by the public.

These factors are increasingly important as facility managers and governments juggle with the provision of infrastructure and environmental issues such as water conservation. Further, governing bodies such as Tennis Australia and its state and territory Member Associations seek to provide tennis facilities that readily accommodate its player development and participation growth strategies.

Foremost, Tennis Australia endeavours to be the active partner with stakeholders in the game to ensure the public can readily access tennis within a variety of playing opportunities.

Tennis Australia is also determined to be the world leader in the provision of community tennis facilities that also accommodate desirable training environments towards elite performance.

The allocation of significant financial and human resources is required to achieve this vision and requires a collective commitment from all levels of government, Tennis Australia Member Associations, clubs and, a critical asset of tennis, professional coaches.

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Facility Census

Tennis Australia, recognises that the future success of Australian tennis lies in our clubs. Ensuring that community tennis clubs provide both access and opportunity is imperative to establishing a platform for competing on the world stage.

While tennis in Australia enjoys the profile of an annual Grand Slam, the service that is provided week in week out at local tennis facilities is what ensures tennis will continue to thrive in this country.

Tennis facilities are at the core of this great sport. In order to establish a firm direction and decisive strategy for tennis facility development, Tennis Australia has requested the participation of all tennis clubs/centres/courts around Australia, in a short survey about their tennis facility.

The collective data obtained from each survey response will provide Tennis Australia with an accurate understanding of the existing supply of tennis facilities. Analysis of this information will allow Tennis Australia to guide government and other stakeholders to address future demand for tennis facility development and management.

Read the collated results and summary of findings of this survey for all tennis stakeholders.