Community Partners

Beyond Blue

Tennis Australia and Beyond Blue have joined forces to promote good mental health and wellbeing on – and beyond – the court.

Whether you feel like you’re Love-40 down or on match point, Tennis Australia and Beyond Blue are there to support you.



Kids Tennis Foundation

Tennis Australian partners with the Kids Tennis Foundation to provide disadvantaged children with the opportunity to participate in tennis. The program supports children and young people to raise self-esteem, self-confidence and build social skills.



Fight MND

Tennis Australia and Fight MND have teamed up to grow awareness of Motor Neuron Disease and to support the search for a cure. At the Australian Open and throughout the year we raise valuable funds that are invested into Motor Neuron Disease research and to support those experiencing the illness.



Children’s Cancer Foundation

Tennis Australia and the Children’s Cancer Foundation have teamed up, with TA supporting the organisation with office accommodation, and all the workplace essentials so the Children’s Cancer Foundation can spend more time, and funds on what really matters.


The Women’s Tennis Foundation

Tennis Australia and The Women’s Tennis Foundation are committed to helping women in tennis, as players, coaches, officials, administrators and executives. We are passionate about supporting women to make the sport of tennis accessible for all Australians to enjoy.


Australian Davis Cup FoundationThe Australian Davis Cup Tennis Foundation

Tennis Australia partners with the Davis Cup Foundation to support the development of young Australian players. Since 1971 the Davis Cup Foundation have assisted the Australia’s Davis Cup team.


Stand Up Events

Stand Up Events is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to fighting sexual and gender discrimination in Australia. Our organisations share values of inclusivity and Tennis Australia is pleased to support world-first research into the best approaches to change homophobic behaviour in youth sport.