Justin Visser – From AO Casual to His Dream Job

From joining TA as an AO casual to becoming the AO Social Media Content Producer, Justin Visser shows where passion, talent and living the TA values can take you!

If you are one of the 1.4 million followers watching an AO story on Instagram, or have scrolled through one of Tennis Australia’s social feeds, then you have no doubt come across the creative work of Justin Visser.  An avid tennis fan and talented Social Media Content Producer, he lives to serve our digital tennis fans.


How did you get started working at TA?

My primary career goal was to work in the tennis industry. I was a fan for many years and eager to channel my passion for the game into a professional career. The best thing I did was work casually at AO 2015 and 2016; that’s how I got my foot in the door. I then resigned from my previous full-time position to pursue a casual role at TA in Customer Support. It was my hope that a full-time role in social media would become available during my casual employment and lucky for me it did! In the meantime, this position helped me learn all areas of the business and make invaluable contacts. Loved it then, love it even more now.


What is your current role?

As the Social Media Content Producer I coordinate our AO social media activity from content creation, curation, community engagement and reporting. Like any job there are tough days – social media never sleeps – but I always enjoy the satisfaction of seeing our work published and received well by the global tennis community.


Why do you enjoy working at TA?

Two words: dream organisation. I feel lucky doing what I love for a living and knowing exactly how my role contributes to the business, plus I get to work with some of the brightest minds in tennis. There are times I pinch myself walking into Tennis HQ; I vividly remember how it felt being a patron on the outside, and how keen I was to someday step inside as a member of staff.


What has been your career highlight so far?

Feeling like a film producer on the set of a blockbuster AO 2020! I was in charge of capturing content for our Instagram Stories, giving our followers a fresh look inside the Happy Slam from a presenter-led perspective. Together with our two talented hosts, we aimed to explore every inch of Melbourne Park and immerse ourselves in the atmosphere – an experience that will be tough to top.


From a personal perspective, what’s been you most memorable moment?

I had a hit with Ash Barty back at the 2017 Health & Wellbeing Day. I have never had tennis coaching, and I was framing the ball a lot that day, but Ash was kind enough to say my technique was similar to that of a squash player. Amazing to see and report on the great things she has since accomplished.


We know you love tennis, but outside of work what would we find you up to?

I love shooting hoops, watching the NBA and following the Lakers. Big fan of video games, Dragon Ball Z, smashing down a parma and supporting the Richmond Football Club. Above all, spending time with my wife, family and mates!