24 March 2021 | Tennis Victoria

Glenn Awty has been an instrumental leader of the Drouin Tennis Club and was recognised for his outstanding service on Saturday 20 March when he was awarded a Highly Commended Service Award.

Glenn has worked tirelessly for both the club and the local associations (Baw Baw Tennis Association and Riverside Tennis Association) to ensure safe playing opportunities for the community. He’s often the first one at the club on a Saturday morning and the last to leave.

Glenn served as President of the Drouin TC from 2016 to 2020 and no job is too big or too small. He has been working on the club house rebuild for the last 7 years, a project the club hopes to soon see come to life.

Volunteering and supporting their local community are all part of the day to day for Glenn and his family. They are all involved in the tennis club and other sports in the community. His wife Jaime was recognised by the club as Best Club Person.

When accepting his award Glenn acknowledged that ‘this is not why we do it, we do it for our kids, we do it so there is a future for our club’. 

Congratulations on receiving your Highly Commended Service Award Glenn.

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