11 January 2021 | Tennis Victoria

Congratulations to the Barwon Region who have reclaimed the number one position in the Inter regional Country Championships by winning the 65th event in Warrnambool across the weekend.

The Region also capped off the weekend in emphatic style by winning the most improved Region, increasing their percentage by 222%.

Barwon were boosted by the individual performances from a variety of age groups including:
– Taj Cayzer & Matthew David Hicks who both made the final of the Men’s Open Singles,
– Adam Lasky who paired up with Hicks in the Men’s Doubles and Nicole Mullen in the Open Mixed Doubles.
– Kirrily Mcconachy who won the 16/u Girls Singles
– James Coulson & Jill Pavia who won the Mixed 50+ Doubles
– Carolyn Mcgann & Nicole Philoppou who won the Women’s 35-49 Doubles
– Gavin D’Souza & Ned Charles Simpson who both made the final of the Boys 18/u Singles

Well done to all region teams and thank you to Warrnambool Lawn Tennis Club and the City of Warrnambool for hosting this event.

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For team results and champions & runners up in each discipline, see below.

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Team Results:

1. Barwon 271.00
2. Goulburn 252.00
3. Loddon Campaspe 236.00
4. Central Highlands 206.00
5. South West 201.00
6. Wimmera 158.00
7. East Gippsland 123.00
8. Mornington Peninsula 123.00
9. Northern Mallee 46.00

Individual Results:
Women’s Open Singles
1 Eliza Long Goulburn
2 Olivia Rich Barwon

Men’s Open Singles
1 Taj Cayzer Barwon
2 Matthew David Hicks Barwon

Boys 18/u Singles
1 Gavin D’Souza Barwon
2 Ned Charles Simpson Barwon

Girls 16/u Doubles
1 Milla Fraser+Jenna Gleeson Central Highlands
2 Katie Alderton+Abbey Mcphee Barwon

Boy’s 16/u Doubles
1 Jack Bassett+Zach Ranson Goulburn
2 Soren Andrews+Jarrod Joyce Central Highlands

16/u Mixed Doubles
1 Jarrod Joyce+Milla Fraser Central Highlands
2 Benjamin Cummins+Alexia Liparoti MPR

Girl’s 16/u Singles
1 Kirrily Mcconachy Barwon
2 Jenna Gleeson Central Highlands

Boy’s 16/u Singles
1 Jack Bassett Goulburn
2 Jason D’Souza Barwon

Girl’s 14/u Doubles
1 Willow Barnett+Philippa Bush Loddon Campaspe
2 Lucy Bassett+Hannah O’Brien Goulburn

Boy’s 14/u Doubles
1 Brayden Joyce+George Wills Central Highlands
2 Logan Casey+Aiden Richardson Wimmera

14/u Mixed Doubles
1 Thomas Ranson+Lucy Bassett Goulburn
2 Nathan Broad+Philippa Bush Loddon Campaspe

Girl’s 14/u Singles
1 Philippa Bush Loddon Campaspe
2 Willow Barnett Loddon Campaspe

Boy’s 14/u Singles
1 Logan Casey Wimmera
2 Thomas Ranson Goulburn

Girl’s 12/u Doubles
1 Rhiann Eddy+Jinaya Nurse Goulburn
2 Sabrina Gauci+Keira O’Beirne Central Highlands

Boy’s 12/u Doubles
1 Aston Monteleone+Zane Ryan Goulburn
2 Harry Bentley+Roman Filipovic Central Highlands

12/u Mixed Doubles
1 Roman Filipovic+Sabrina Gauci Central Highlands
2 Aston Monteleone+Jinaya Nurse Goulburn

Girl’s 12/u Singles
1 Sabrina Gauci Central Highlands
2 Jinaya Nurse Goulburn

Boy’s 12/u Singles
1 Roman Filipovic Central Highlands
2 Christopher Gamboa Loddon Campaspe

Open Mixed Doubles
1 AdamLasky+Nicole Mullen Barwon
2 Aidan Fitzgerald+Michelle Balic Loddon Campaspe

Women’s Open Doubles
1 Ashlea Andrews+Eliza Long Goulburn
2 Nicole Mullen+Olivia Rich Barwon

Men’s Open Doubles
1 Matthew David Hicks+AdamLasky Barwon
2 SamMcharg+David Poole Goulburn

Mixed 50+ Doubles
1 James Coulson+Jill Pavia Barwon
2 David Starling+Lisa Niglia Goulburn

Women’s 50+ Doubles
1 Kate Pennington+Donna Watts South West
2 Jill Pavia+Fiona Walker Barwon

Men’s 50+ Doubles
1 Damian Smith+David Starling Goulburn
2 James Coulson+David Kos Barwon

Women’s 50+ Singles
1 Leanne More Loddon Campaspe
2 Lisa Niglia Goulburn

Men’s 50+ Singles
1 David Starling Goulburn
2 Romeo Salla Barwon

35-49 Mixed Doubles
1 Matthew Moloney+Kate-Maree Barnes South West
2 Jayd Davis+Danielle Bowles Loddon Campaspe

Women’s 35-49 Doubles
1 Carolyn Mcgann+Nicole Philoppou Barwon
2 Kate-Maree Barnes+Angie Paspaliaris South West

Men’s 35-49 Doubles
1 Darren Gladman+Matthew Moloney South West
2 Andrew Cronin+Greg Parry Central Highlands

Women’s 35-49 Singles
1 Kate-Maree Barnes South West
2 Danielle Bowles Loddon Campaspe

Men’s 35-49 Singles
1 Matthew Moloney South West
2 Craig Dungey MPR

25/u Mixed Doubles
1 James Curtis-Mcdonald+Hope Curtis-Mcdonald Goulburn
2 Nicholas Gattuso+Ellie Mifka Goulburn

Women’s 25/u Doubles
1 Hope Curtis-Mcdonald+Ellie Mifka Goulburn
2 Kirby Knight+Georgia Mclennan Wimmera

Men’s 25/u Doubles
1 Harry Boyd+Patrick Drake South West
2 Matthew O’Sullivan+Harry Wills Central Highlands

Women’s 25/u Singles
1 Summer Jones MPR
2 Hope Curtis-Mcdonald Goulburn

Men’s 25/u Singles
1 Mitchell Allman East Gippsland
2 James Curtis-Mcdonald Goulburn

Girl’s 18/u Doubles
1 Isabella Crossman+Tiahna Leader Loddon Campaspe
2 Jordyn Aitken+Tegan Marshall Barwon

Boy’s 18/u Doubles
1 Joshua Dean Bavich+Deagan Tomkins Loddon Campaspe
2 TomGedye+Robert Goldstraw South West

18/u Mixed Doubles
1 Joshua Dean Bavich+Isabella Crossman Loddon Campaspe
2 Deagan Tomkins+Tiahna Leader Loddon Campaspe

Girl’s 18/u Singles
1 Isabella Crossman Loddon Campaspe
2 Tegan Marshall Barwon