20 February 2018 | Tennis Victoria

Central Gippsland has won the 17/u Tennis Victoria Minter McNamee Cup, marking an incredible fourth-straight title.

The event was held at Melbourne Park and forms part of the Regional Team Event series. Ten Victorian country regions competed, including the recent Inter-regional Country Champions – for the second year in a row – Goulburn.

Central Gippsland’s team of Ben Grumley, Damien Hough, Chelsea Elliott and Eliza Dunbar 5-36 defeated Northern Mallee 1-13 in the final.

1st – 2nd Play Off – Central Gippsland 5-36 def. Northern Mallee 1-13
3rd – 4th Play Off – Barwon 3-27 def. Central Highlands 3-25
5th – 6th Play Off – South West 5-31 def. Loddon Campaspe 1-18
7th – 8th Play Off – Goulburn 6-36 def. East Gippsland 0-10
9th – 10th Play Off – Mornington Peninsula 6-37 def. North East 0-15

Final Placings
1st – Central Gippsland
2nd – Northern Mallee
3rd – Barwon
4th – Central Highlands
5th – South West
6th – Loddon Campaspe
7th – Goulburn
8th – East Gippsland
9th – Mornington Peninsula
10th – North East

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