Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a fitness program focused on increasing the awareness and understanding of students’ health and physical activity in a modified environment.  This fun, flexible and high-energy workout is delivered to music with the use of pedometers for student motivation.

The socially based program is a great way to increase student knowledge, skills and understandings about health and physical activity.  Emphasising individual improvement and goal setting through learning, this can have a positive impact on leading an active and healthy life.

The Cardio Tennis program is inclusive, engaging all students no matter what their standard. It’s suitable for all ages, easy to run and helps students to explore and develop movement patterns, coordination, game strategies, leadership and communication skills.


What does a Cardio Tennis lesson look like?

Cardio Tennis comprises six components:

  • the lesson (warm up, Cardio and cool down)
  • music
  • pedometers
  • low-compression balls
  • cardio bursts
  • enthusiastic teacher

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In a typical lesson, students begin with a dynamic warm-up and a fundamental perceptual motor skills (FPMS) focused activity. We start with FPMS so that students can refine their skills as well as perform an activity more accurately before moving into the high intensity cardio component.

The Cardio component concentrates on increasing all students’ understanding and awareness of health and physical activity. Furthermore, it improves their fitness through high intensity activities, increasing their number of steps achieved in a lesson.

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