Blind and Low Vision Tennis

Aiming to increase the opportunity for sport and recreation offerings to the blind low vision community of Western Australia, Blind Sports WA, Tennis West, Tennis Australia, and a number of local coaches and clubs, have banded together to bring tennis to those who are blind or of low vision.

About Blind and Low Vision Tennis

Coaching and games are usually played on a standard tennis court using modified racquets and balls. The adapted sponge ball makes a noise when it bounces and is usually black or florescent yellow to give maximum contrast against the colour of the court. Depending on the participants blind or low vision classification* the rules of the game may vary. If the player is totally blind then three bounces are permitted, whilst partial sight allows for just two. Just like standard tennis, both singles and doubles are played.

As well as social coaching opportunities, tennis also provides a range of tournaments and competitive pathway opportunities including:

  • State and National Camps and Tournaments
  • International Blind Tennis Tournament

Click here for more information on the Tennis Australia Blind & Low Vision Talent Player Pathway.

Am I Eligible?

There are 4 classifications/categories of Blind and Low Vision Tennis:

Classification Eligibility criteria Tennis Australia events
B1 Visual acuity poorer than LogMAR 2.60
  • State Blind & Low Vision Tennis Tournaments
  • Australian Blind & Low Vision National Tennis Championships
B2 Visual acuity ranging from LogMAR 1.50 to 2.60 (inclusive)
B3 Visual acuity ranging from LogMAR 1.0 to 1.40 (inclusive) OR visual fields less than 10 degrees diameter and visual acuity better than 0.5 (B4)
B4 Visual acuity ranging from LogMAR 0.5 to 0.9 (inclusive) OR visual fields less than 40 degrees diameter and visual acuity better than 0.5.

(Source: International Blind Tennis Association)


Download the classification form HERE.

The form is to be completed in English and by a registered ophthalmologist or optometrist.

Attach all medical documentation required on pages 2-3 of the form.

The form and the attached medical documentation may not be older than 12 months at the time of the Player Evaluation.

Once completed please send to: [email protected].

Find out more

To find out more about coaching and playing opportunities for people of blind or low vision please contact:

Raquelle Hannen-Williams, Blind Sports WA Development Officer | [email protected]

Paula Gates, Tennis West Diversity, Equity & Inclusion & Projects Specialist | [email protected] 


Blind Sports WA

Blind Sports WA hopes to support clubs and individuals to ensure the strong foundation and continued development of blind sport in our state. It seeks to work in the best interests of blind and vision-impaired participants to keep blind sports strong and healthy at all levels, both on and off the arena of sport.


If you want to understand more about the range of opportunities, activities and programs available please contact us at: [email protected]