20 March 2019 | Tennis West

Tennis West is pleased to announce that team nominations for the 2019 Winter Tennis League are now open.


Make your members fully aware of the options available to them.  The full League list and the winter calendar may be found here.


During Winter 2019 Tennis West has 31 different leagues available for your club members to play competitively and socially in a team environment, including 4 NEW Leagues on offer for your members:

  • Saturday Afternoon 1.00pm –      Men’s Open Doubles and Women’s Open Doubles
  • Sunday Morning 10.30am –         Junior Mixed Doubles 14 years to 17 years
  • Tuesday Night 7.30pm –                Men’s Open S/D and Women’s Open S/D (3 player teams)
  • Wednesday Morning 9:30am –    Women’s Doubles 50+


Night Leagues – Please note the following format update has been included in line with recognised International Doubles Scoring and to try to ensure that matches are completed before lights must be switched off in accordance with local council restrictions:

  • No Ad Deuces – Deciding Point with receiver’s choice (if Mixed then serve Man to Man & Woman to Woman)

Zoning – Tennis West League Operations will endeavor to Zone night teams to minimize travel distances wherever possible.

Captains – For all open competitions – all team captains must have a Tennis Account and add their mobile contact number to their profile, to allow contact with opposing teams.


Key Dates to be aware of:

  • Team Nominations Open: Friday 8th March 2019
  • League Workshop:  Monday 18th March, 5:30 pm at State Tennis Centre
  • Team Nominations Close: Thursday 28th March 2019
  • Fixture Release: Thursday 18th April 2019
  • Round 1 commences as of Saturday 4th May 2019