10 January 2022 | Tennis Victoria

Despite all the challenges faced by the twenty-two participants of the 2021 Future Leaders program, the team were finally able to meet in person for a fun-filled day of tennis and learning. 

On the 19th of December the participants met with their Club Development Officers at AAMI Park, and were put through their paces in a number of exercises and challenges, both on court and in the classroom. 

Tennis Victoria Coaching Leader Jon Watson led the crew in a Coaching Education session, a hands-on session that allowed the students to experience the activities they would soon be teaching to their kids at their home tennis clubs. 

The students were also tested in a range of team bonding exercises, exercising their ability to solve abstract problems efficiently as a group. 

It was a welcome change of pace for the Future Leaders, as the traditional three-day camp was replaced earlier in the year by virtual sessions.  

The program team were incredibly impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm demonstrated by those participating, and how quickly they were able to form connections and work cohesively as a team – an outstanding feat considering they have spent most of the program in online meetings. 

The next in person session is due to be held during the Australian Open. 

Want to be a Future Leader in 2022? Find out all about the program here!