2 September 2020 | Tennis Victoria

Today we are celebrating National Health & Physical Education Day, where students from across Victoria are being encouraged to get creative and engage in tennis at home.

Tennis Victoria has joined forces with a number of coaches from across the state and provided schools with a virtual lesson to celebrate the day which can be viewed here.

Check out the ways tennis can keep kids active from the comfort of their homes below.


Tennis Victoria has partnered with School Sport Victoria to deliver the Virtual Tennis Challenge.

There are five challenges in total with one released daily from Monday 31 August until Friday 4 September, with over 30 prizes to be won.

The Virtual Tennis Challenge runs until Sunday 20 September and students are encouraged to give the challenges a go and submit their entries here.


Scared you will be a little rusty when you return to the court? Check out these tips from Daria Gavrilova on what you can do at home to stay active.


There are many ways to keep playing tennis as HomeCourtTennis demonstrates.

A brick wall can become your most challenging opponent, chairs can become tennis net posts, and you don’t even need a racquet and a tennis ball as long as you have a ball of paper and saucepan.

Check out #HomeCourtTennis on Instagram for some creative ways to keep playing tennis.


Sports app Elanation is making it both easy and engaging for kids to make activity a part of their daily life, through thousands of video lessons on a range of sports including tennis.

For many young enthusiasts, Elanation is a complement to their usual coach and the most popular tennis videos – Mission PossibleHalf Court versus Full Court and the Tram Tracks Slice – demonstrated the many activities that kids can easily undertake to learn new skills in the game.

For more information visit and download the Elanation app from the Apple Store or Google Play.