20 May 2019 | Tennis Victoria

This week (20 – 26 May) is National Volunteer Week.

Established back in 1989, the week aims to recognise and acknowledge the great work that volunteers do for our sports and communities.

Tennis has more than 15,000 volunteers that run our competitions, cook the barbecues and provide countless hours of assistance back to clubs.

This week is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the many people that make our sport what it is.

Tennis Victoria acting CEO, Belinda Kleverlaan, wanted to thank all the tennis volunteers for their tireless efforts.

“We would like to acknowledge all of our incredible volunteers,” Kleverlaan said.

“They are definitely the lifeblood of the sport and deserve to be recognised for enabling generations of players to enjoy tennis.

“Hearing all the different stories about how volunteers got involved in the sport is extremely rewarding. We are all so lucky to have them involved in tennis and I hope they know how much we value their contribution,” she said.

Through the Tennis Victoria Recognition Program thousands of volunteers have been presented with awards for what they have done for the sport. Across this week we’ll see a small collection of volunteers highlighted across social media for what they have done for their club and their community.

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For more information about Tennis Victoria’s Recognition Program, click here.