7 October 2015 | Tennis Victoria

TennisConnect Rewards will run again this year! There’s $5-per-player available to eligible clubs.

Last year a total of $327k in TennisConnect Rewards was provided to Victorian tennis clubs and deliverers. Make the most of this great fundraising opportunity for your club again in 2015/16.

To be eligible for TennisConnect Rewards in 2015/16 clubs need to use My Tennis and make memberships available to purchase online via credit card. This is simple to set up in the upgraded My Tennis, which makes managing membership easier for your club and its members. Full training and support is available.

Eligible clubs will receive $5-per-player who set up their Join Tennis account. The Join Tennis account allows players to manage their own profile and provides access to all tennis systems via a single log in. It’s easy to set up and only requires a name, unique email address and password.

Players will be able to set up their Join Tennis account when they first use one of Tennis’s systems (e.g. completing their membership online through My Tennis), or by receiving an email invitation. The email invitations are will be of similar nature to the verification emails sent last year.

This year’s TennisConnect Rewards program runs through to 31 May 2016.

Your club’s next step

Full training and support in how to set up online memberships in My Tennis is available. If you are unsure of your best option please call your local Participation Leader.

  1. Face-to-face training session with your Participation Leader (1 ½ hours)
  2. Online training session with the Tennis Services team (30 minutes)
  3. Do it yourself, with support resources at
  4. Help Desk support from Tennis Services

Tennis Services operating hours:

  • Monday – Thursday:      8am to 8pm
  • Friday:                               8am to 6pm
  • Weekend:                          9am to 5pm