Australian Team Championships

The Australian Teams Championships is the most prestigious event that 11/u, 13u and 15/u Victorian athletes can be selected for. The event will see teams from all States and Territories as well as an international team from New Zealand take part.

The players selected are based on their results using both Australian ranking and Universal Tennis Rating (UTR).

The event takes place in July each year.

2023 Victorian Teams

11/u Boys Team 11/u Girls Team 13/u Boys Team 13/u Girls Team 15/u Boys Team 15/u Girls Team
Nikolas Baker

Lachlan King

Liam Polizzi

Joel Roney

Yuvika Gorshi

Lola Grigor

Coco Philp


Daniel Jovanovski

Dmitri Bagaric

Ymerali Ibriami


Koharu Nishikawa

Charlotte Vanstone McGrath

Ruby Ward

Ava Beck

Hanival Kahsay

Nicholas Jovanovski

Michael Korobitsin


Bridget Mihulka

Gabrielle Villegas

Isabella Crossman

Jelena Cvijanovic