8 April 2024 | Tennis Victoria

Congratulations to the April Affiliate of the Month – the Warrnambool Lawn Tennis Club.

Located in Victoria’s picturesque South West, a tourist destination, the Warrnambool Lawn Tennis Club capitalises on the areas appeal attracting record numbers for their Grasscourt Classic and the Warrnambool Lawn Open (WLO). The WLO reaches capacity registrations within 2 hours of opening!!

It takes many hands to run big events and maintain a tennis club year round. The Warrnambool Lawn Tennis Club has developed a successful volunteer management model that recognises volunteer contributions, shares the load and celebrates with monthly Game Changer awards. This initiative received recognition when the club was a recipient of the Member of Parliament Sport Award in 2023.

The club was also recently awarded the Club of the Year and Event of the Year at the South West Sport Community Club Awards.

Club President Kim Tobin said “None of us do what we do for accolades but gosh it’s nice when someone recognises all the work that goes into events such as our WLO ( Labor Day Weekend community event)¬† and club management initiatives such as our reimagined Management Model that includes 30 volunteers all contributing their skills in their role to the very best of their ability.”

Congratulations Warrnambool Lawn Tennis Club, keep up the great work.