26 March 2024 | Tennis Victoria

Congratulations to Jason Gasper from Northcote Tennis who is the Community Champion of the Month for March 2024.

Jason Gasper’s leadership as Head Coach and Operator has been instrumental in revitalizing the tennis programs and offerings for the community at Northcote Tennis. Through his vision and dedication, Jason has transformed the tennis programs, making them more accessible, engaging, and beneficial for players of all ages and skill levels.

Under Jason’s guidance, Northcote Tennis has seen a resurgence in participation and interest. His innovative coaching, business re-branding, and management methods, combined with a strong emphasis on inclusivity and community engagement, have attracted a new and diverse range of players to the 6-court facility. 

Throughout the covid lockdown years and during the past 2+ years of issues with access to the courts with a major aquatic centre construction next door, Jason has been committed to expanding the range of programs ensuring that there is something available for everyone. 

Alongside the regular coaching programs such as junior lessons, Hot Shots, Junior Development Squads, Holiday Clinics, Cardio Tennis and Adult group lessons, Jason has introduced a broad range of initiatives. These include:

  • Regular UTR junior tournaments.
  • Weekly UTR Junior Match play events.
  • Weekly Hot Shots internal match play compeition.
  • No Limits Girls Squads.
  • Free ‘Come ‘n Try Cardio Tennis’ 8 week program.
  • Re-introducing junior Saturday morning competition with NEJTA & growing it from 1 – 5 teams in less than a year.
  • Adult Social Tennis Nights.
  • Free family open days.
  • Racquet Demo days.
  • ‘The Northcote Games’ — A multi-sport annual event for local kids to come and be active.
  • Social Events for the community such as the ‘Parents & Kids Doubles Slam’, ‘Wimby Whites’ and ‘Retro Round Robin’ days.

Jason’s dedication to Northcote Tennis’s growth is evident in the vibrant programs and welcoming and supportive atmosphere he’s cultivated.

Through these comprehensive offerings, Jason has revitalized tennis at Northcote, fostering an inclusive community that continues to thrive. Jason has not only increased participation but also created avenues for community connection through the sport.

Congratulations and thank you Jason for all you do for Northcote Tennis and the tennis community.