19 March 2024 | Tennis Victoria

On Saturday and Sunday, March 16-17th, the National Tennis Centre hosted an inclusive and exciting event – the 2024 Victorian Blind & Low Vision Open. It was a day filled with camaraderie, skill, and discovery as people of all ages and abilities came together to experience Blind Tennis.

Alongside the 2024 Victorian Blind & Low Vision Open, the Open Day was held where participants had the chance to watch the world’s best BLV Tennis players in action, showcasing their talent and passion for the game.

The courts buzzed with activity as individuals of all skill levels had the opportunity to try their hand at Blind Tennis. Whether they were seasoned tennis players or complete beginners, everyone was welcome to join in the excitement. The event emphasized the message that tennis is for everybody, regardless of ability or background. It was a celebration of inclusion, diversity, and the joy of sports. As participants gathered on the court, they discovered not only a new game but also a sense of community and belonging.

The 2024 Victorian Blind & Low Vision Open was more than just a tennis event – it was an empowering and uplifting experience for all involved. It showcased the power of sports to unite people, break down barriers, and create moments of pure enjoyment.

Congratulations to the winners of the different sections below:

  • B2 Men’s Singles
    • Ethan Cook
    • Ned Brewer Maiga
    • Scott Dann
    • Mark Haskett
  • B3 Men’s Singles
    • Reuben Fairbank [4]
    • Michael Leigh [1]
  • B2 – B3 Women’s Singles – Round Robin
    • Caroline Lane
    • Courtney Webeck
    • Samantha Hall
    • Phoebe Finlay
  • Junior Singles
    • Ethan Cook
    • Arato Katsuda-Green
    • David Edgecombe
    • Max Oliver
  • B2 Open Doubles
    • Ned Brewer Maiga & Courtney Webeck
    • Scott Dann & Ethan Cook
    • David Gordon & Jasper Steeds
    • David Steeds & Ty Atkinson
    • Janet Etchells & Phoebe Finlay
  • B3 – B4 Open Doubles
    • Robert Fletcher & Caroline Lane
    • Arato Katsuda-Green & Sean Russo
    • Max Oliver & Mark Haskett
  • Junior Doubles
    • Mikail Liakos & Kala Petronijevic
    • Matthew Divito & David Edgecombe

More photos can be found here