20 November 2023 | Tennis Victoria

After 10 rounds, the Associations Junior Pennant concluded on Sunday 12 and 19 November at various venues across Melbourne.

AJP gives aspiring and developmental juniors the chance to represent their Association against other Associations across Melbourne and provides a pathway for players to progress from local competition to representative opportunities.

New for 2023 was the Junior Open age group, replacing 16&U and 18&U. It was a great success and allowed for high-level juniors to experience level-based play on a weekly basis. With a record number of entries, hundreds of juniors across Melbourne had the chance to experience what AJP has to offer.

For more photos from the event, visit our Tennis Victoria Facebook here.

AJP Grand Finals results below: 

Division Winners Score Runners-up Score
Mixed 10A Waverley Tennis 4-8-48 Eastern Region 0-0-14
Mixed 10B Western Region 3-5-51 Bayside – Moorabbin TA 3-5-46
Mixed 10C North Suburban Junior TA 3-6-47 Eastern Region 3-4-35
Boys 12A Waverley Tennis 5-9-62 North Suburban Junior TA 1-1-37
Boys 12B Berwick & District TA 5-9-61 North Suburban Junior TA 1-1-20
Boys 12C North Suburban Junior TA 4-6-54 Peninsula TA 2-4-44
Boys 12D North Suburban Junior TA 3-6-53 Tennis Geelong 3-4-45
Boys 14A Waverley Tennis 6-9-63 North Eastern Junior TA 0-1-38
Boys 14B Eastern Region 4-6-51 Western Region 2-4-44
Boys 14C North Suburban Junior TA 3-6-49 North Eastern Junior TA 3-4-42
Boys 14D Eastern Region 4-7-56 Tennis Geelong 2-3-35
Boys 14E North Suburban Junior TA 3-5-45 Bayside-Moorabbin TA 3-5-44
Boys Junior Open A Waverley Tennis 3-5-49 Eastern Region 3-5-42
Boys Junior Open B Bayside-Moorabbin TA 3-6-46 Eastern Region 3-4-50
Boys Junior Open C Western Region 5-7-53 Eastern Region 1-3-39
Boys Junior Open D Peninsula TA 5-8-60 Bayside-Moorabbin TA 1-2-31
Girls 12A Bayside-Moorabbin TA 6-10-66 Western Region 0-0-26
Girls 12B Bayside-Moorabbin TA 6-9-64 North Suburban Junior TA 0-1-28
Girls 12C Bayside-Moorabbin TA 4-7-44 Eastern Region 2-3-33
Girls 14A Eastern Region 5-8-61 Waverley Tennis 1-2-38
Girls 14B Eastern Region 4-6-50 North Eastern Junior TA 2-4-41
Girls 14C BDTA 4-7-55 North Eastern Junior TA 2-3-48
Girls Junior Open A Eastern Region 5-9-64 Bayside-Moorabbin 1-1-34
Girls Junior Open B Western Region 6-10-65 North Suburban Junior TA 0-0-27