20 May 2022 | Tennis Victoria

Tennis Victoria’s purpose is to create safe, inclusive and thriving tennis communities enabling more people to play tennis, more often.

Places, Play, People and Profile are the strategic focuses of the Tennis Victoria Strategy to 2024 and Venue performance and Community Access are key projects of the Places pillar.

In FY22, Tennis Victoria provided 30% affiliation rebates to the Victorian tennis community to continue to provide support throughout the pandemic. In an effort to provide ongoing support to affiliates, Tennis Victoria is pleased to announce its Venue Improvement Grants funding program.

The Venue Improvement Grants are available for affiliates to apply for up to $2500 for venue maintenance projects including equipment/equipment hire, infrastructure, materials, repairs, signage and windbreaks.

We know COVID-19 has driven demand for tennis and changed how people want to access the sport and we want to help clubs become more accessible through the use of igloohome locks.

Tennis Victoria CEO Adam Crameri said “As Victorian tennis clubs are experiencing an increase in demand for access to their courts, it is important that we can provide support to them to make their venues accessible and welcoming. We are excited to provide this funding support to clubs and centres to help maintain and open up their venues.”

The Tennis Victoria Venue Improvement Grants are open from Friday 20 May 2022 to 11:59pm Sunday 5 June 2022.

View the Terms and Conditions of the Tennis Victoria Venue Improvement Grants and to apply, click here.