30 December 2020 | Tennis Victoria

It goes without saying, it’s been a tough year for our Affiliate Tennis Clubs, but following the easing of restrictions in late 2020, Elsternwick Park Tennis Centre has made the most of the opportunity to be back on court.

The Club has turned a minor setback into a major comeback and rebounded through their popular Cardio Tennis program.

Elsternwick Park is currently running 58 hours of Cardio Tennis classes per week and has 337 participants attending classes on court and once finished, enjoying the offerings that the club provides off court.

Mat Garnham, Co-Director of Elsternwick Park says the program has always been successful, but especially after the restrictions, and this is largely through word of mouth and the way the program is run at the club.

“The way we run Cardio Tennis is unique, we have points-based Tennis and the session is completely non-stop from start to finish – people will keep moving throughout our sessions.”

“A lot of parents from the local schools would come across (to Elsternwick Park TC), and via word of mouth, they would come and participate here. We also gave people the option of creating their own groups and come on a weekly basis, which has been really popular with the community.”

“All you need is a ringleader, then it evolves from there!”

People are starting to actively select Cardio Tennis as a great combination of both exercise, playing sport and socialising, and in the current climate, this can be all done whilst social distancing.

Garnham explained how the Cardio Tennis sessions are run and provided the three key things a club needs to do to run a successful Cardio Tennis Program:

“We often have groups participate and stay around after their session for a drink and a chat. We are always looking to encourage people to play more than once a week, and want to create an environment where players want to stay around afterwards and play as a community”

So, what information would help any clubs looking to run a Cardio Tennis Program at their club?

  • Explain and educate to participants that you don’t have to be really fit, we just ask that you can have a rally.
  • We tell our coaches to sustain the energy levels and your voice, enthusiasm and getting the group pumped up!
  • Clear Communication and create a great atmosphere for participants to come and enjoy themselves!

More recently, the team at Elsternwick Park have started to fill the courts and this is due to their marketing and retention of the program.

If a new participant comes to a session, the club will check in with the participant to see whether they enjoyed it and offer discounts to those who participate in multiple classes.

If you’re a club or participant looking to find more information and get involved in Cardio Tennis visit: