28 October 2020 | Tennis Victoria

The below message was sent to Tennis Victoria Affiliates on Wednesday 28 October 2020.

Dear Affiliates,

Further to our correspondence yesterday, DHHS have published the latest Restricted Activities Directions (No.15). Please find below a summary of the main changes as relevant to tennis for Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria. These changes came into effect at 11.59pm last night.

Metropolitan Melbourne:

  • No more than 10 participants in a group and not more than 10 in total at the outdoor facility at any one time except where a reasonable distance can be maintained at all times. A reasonable distance is not defined. Our interpretation of a reasonable distance is a minimum of 1.5m between participants. Please liaise with your venue owners (in most cases Council) for how this will best work with your venue layout using a common sense approach to ensure groups are clearly separated.
  • Community tennis competition can restart. For the purposes of competition, you can have as many people present at the venue as required to run the competition.
  • One supervisory adult is allowed on site per child.
  • People must still stay within 25km of their primary place of residence or workplace, playing tennis competition is not a reason for travelling beyond the 25km. Government has indicated this restriction may lift on 8 November, but this will depend, as always, on COVID case numbers.
  • Equipment can now be shared provided it is cleaned between users.
  • Changerooms and toilets can open, clubhouses and indoor sitting areas must remain closed.
  • If you operate a canteen, café, restaurant, fast food or cafeteria please refer to the guidelines for hospitality for how you may be able to operate. Refer to item 12 Food and Drink facilities in the Restricted Activities Directions No.15.

Regional Victoria:

  • Indoor tennis will resume from Wednesday 28 October for participants aged 18 and under in Regional Victoria.

As a result of the above changes we have updated the Community Tennis Guidelines:

Community Tennis Guidelines – Metropolitan Melbourne

Community Tennis Guidelines – Regional Victoria

Please continue to remind your players of COVID safe protocols so tennis can continue as restrictions are eased. As always, don’t hesitate to contact your relevant Tennis Victoria representative if you need assistance.

Thank you so much for supporting the safe return to tennis. We will be in touch when restrictions are eased further.

Kind regards
Tennis Victoria