27 October 2020 | Tennis Victoria

The below message was sent to Tennis Victoria Affiliates on Tuesday 27 October 2020.

Dear Affiliates,

As you know, the Victorian Premier had great news for all Melburnians yesterday – COVID restrictions are being eased considerably at 11.59pm on 27 October.

As always, Tennis Victoria must wait for the legal directions (Restricted Activity Directions) to be able to update our Guidelines for the Return to Community Tennis and Competition.  Unfortunately, as of 5pm 27 October, these legal directions have not been published.

We are aware that clubs, coaches and local councils are reliant on our guidelines and the clock is ticking, particularly for those of you responsible for the restarting of competition.  We therefore wanted to give you all the information we have currently and will follow up with the full details as soon as we can.  We can therefore confirm:

  • Community tennis competition can restart in Metro Melbourne from 11.59pm Tuesday 27 October.
  • For the purposes of competition, more than 10 people are allowed at a venue, as the rules around community sport competition are that you can have as many people present as required to run the competition.
  • One supervisory adult is allowed on site per child.
  • People must still stay within 25km of their primary place of residence or workplace, playing tennis competition is not a reason for travelling beyond the 25km. Government has indicated this restriction may lift on 8 November, but this will depend, as always, on COVID case numbers.
  • Indoor tennis will resume from Wednesday 28 October for participants aged 18 and under in Regional Victoria. Click here to view the Community Tennis Guidelines for Regional Victoria.

We understand it is frustrating not to have full details at this stage.  Our intention is to keep you as informed as we are, when we are.  Rather than be silent on the matter we felt it was better to inform you of what we DO know and we will fill in the detail when the legal directions are published.

Thank you for your patience,

Tennis Victoria