9 December 2019 | Tennis Victoria

Lynn Kimber has been recognised for her involvement in the Epping Tennis Club after she was presented with her Tennis Service Award over the weekend.

Lynn has been involved in the Epping Tennis Club for over 30 years where she has held several positions over the course, including President for 20 years. Lynn currently holds the position of General Committee Member, Monday Night Tennis Coordinator and Social Secretary.

Whilst Lynn was President, she was an amazing leader and ensured that the club ran to its full potential. Through her tireless efforts, there have been numerous successes with the running of social events and memberships at the club.

Lynn always makes herself available to attend meetings and offer solutions to the needs of the club.

No job is too little for Lynn and is always there to support new members and welcome them to the club.

For over 20 years, Lynn had the tennis club phone redirected to her home so that there was always someone available to take enquiries!

Lynn’s most recent success include applying for a Female Participation Grant along with the assistance of the Secretary. Lynn worked tirelessly on this program to ensure that it was a success.

There were over 200 females that participated in the program with Lynn always being available to encourage, welcome and support these people into the tennis community. Through the program, Lynn arranged availability for free coaching so that these participants were given the opportunity to learn some new skills.

Currently working with another member of the club and with local schools in the area, Lynn assisted with an application for a multicultural grant through Tennis Victoria which has been successful.

Lynn has worked tirelessly to ensure that we have representation in several schools and is making herself available to offer tennis to these schools.

In the 30 years that Lynn has been with the club, we have all seen the committee grow to a strong team of people who are committed to support and grow the club. Under Lynn’s guidance, the club has been able to set strategies to build the club through sponsorships and grants to ensure its success in many years to come.

Congratulations Lynn and thank you for your contribution to Tennis in Victoria.