5 September 2019 | Tennis Victoria

Dear Secretaries of all Tennis Victoria (TV) affiliated clubs, centres and associations (i.e. TV’s “Members”),


  • TV Board elections 2019
  • TV Annual General Meeting, 2 October 2019

Board elections 2019
Following the call for nominations to all affiliates, there are three (3) candidates standing for the two (2) elected Director positions due. They are:

Caryle Demarte
Simon Meadows
Jacqueline Pirone

Voting instructions were sent to club secretaries via email on Wednesday 4 September.

2. Annual General Meeting
The notice of the Annual General Meeting of Tennis Victoria on Wednesday 2 October 2019 is hereby given.

The TV AGM 2019 is open to all affiliated Members of TV. In accordance with TV By-Law 16 Appointment of Representatives any committee member – as lodged with TV’s records – is entitled to attend and vote on your behalf (i.e. one of these persons) upon their declaration that they are eligible to do so.

To assist with the administration of the meeting, we invite you to RSVP if you plan to attend the AGM.

If for whatever reason you may wish or need for someone else from your club, association or centre to attend and vote* at the TV AGM on your behalf, the Alternative Representative Appointment Form needs to be submitted to the General Manager – Policy & Business Affairs, Tim McGrath via the contact details below.

If you may have any queries, please contact TV’s General Manager – Policy & Business Affairs, Tim McGrath, on (03) 8420 8414, 0412 469 009 or [email protected]


Kind regards,
Ruth Holdaway
Tennis Victoria


To view the 2018/19 Tennis Victoria Annual Report, please CLICK HERE.