24 May 2019 | Tennis Victoria

Tennis Victoria recently had the opportunity to attend an official court opening with a very special story behind it.

Joy Meyer has been a member of the East Burwood Tennis Club for 46 years. Throughout that time she has been Secretary of the club for 10 years and is the current Mid-Week Ladies Secretary, a position she has held for the past 15 years.

Joy and other volunteers from the club started a trade table at their local Op Shop in 2005 and during that time have raised $27,000 for the club.

When the group of ladies first started the trade table, some of the ladies had never set foot in an Op Shop before. Some of the donations which were sold were personally knitted by ladies in the volunteer group, other donations were sourced from family and friends of the tennis club members.

The $27,000 raised has recently been used to resurface two of the synthetic grass courts at East Burwood.

In recognition of her hard work Joy and fellow volunteer Helen Rees have each had one of the newly resurfaced courts named in their honour. Well-deserved recognition for two hard working volunteers! As a result of this work, Tennis Victoria presented them with a recognition certificate.

The trade table is currently operating out of the Lions Club Op Shop in Mt Waverley.