25 February 2019 | Tennis Victoria

Jim Birch joined Waverley Tennis in its second year of operation and has served as a member of the Waverley Tennis Committee of Management (COM) for almost 40 years, and the last 25 years as Association Secretary. Jim is also a Life Member of Waverley Tennis.

Jim has served in a number of roles over a period of time and has provided meritorious service to the Association since 1981.

Up until his retirement in mid-2018, Jim was involved as an Association Secretary since 1993 in all Waverley Tennis Committees and Sub-Committees. Jim has played an important role in the shaping and development of Waverley Tennis as it is known today.

Jim has represented Waverley Tennis at all Tennis Victoria Metropolitan Associations Forums and was the substitute delegate to pass Tennis Victoria Council Meetings.

Jim diligently collated information from all the Waverley Tennis Annual Reports, dating back from 1993 right through 2017 in order to publish a meaningful and informative document on each year’s activities at Waverley Tennis.

With a strong working relationship/involvement at club level (Bennettswood Tennis Club), Jim has brought sound knowledge in administrative procedures and practices that complemented his role as the principle Administrative Officer for Waverley Tennis.

Jim has also served as acting treasurer, delegate/substitute delegate to the former Tennis Victoria Council and ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Match Play Coordinator for Monash LGA Region.

Congratulations Jim and thank you for your contribution to Tennis in Victoria.