14 September 2018 | Tennis Victoria

Tennis Victoria would like to pay tribute to the late Morris Scott.

On the first anniversary of his passing, Morris is remembered as a stalwart of the Eaglemont Tennis Club who contributed so much of his time and commitment to the Club and it’s community.

Morris was a member of the club from 1938 when he was 16 until his death on 19 September 2017. The only time Morris was absent from the club was for the time he was fighting in New Guinea during the Second World War. Some of the roles that Morris held in his time at the club were:

– General Committee Member 1938 – 1983
– Club Secretary 1947 – 1965
– Club President 1966 – 1975
– Ball Monitor 1976 onwards
– Club delegate to TVA & Tennis Victoria for more than 50 years.
– Life Member

Morris’ efforts to grow tennis participation and the love for the sport weren’t confined to the Eaglemont Tennis Club with his service also assisting the greater Heidelberg District Tennis Association. He served as President as well as being a Committee Member and was also named Life Member of the Association.

Morris was also one of the founders of the North Eastern Junior Tennis Association (NEJTA). In 1962, along with Barry Webb, Ken Riley, and Reg Johnson, Morris met with LTAV to discuss the formation of a junior competition in their area.

In 1987 Morris was awarded a Tennis Victoria Highly Commended Service Award and upon 50 years service to tennis, was recognised with a 50 year service award as well.

Morris was a recipient of the Commonwealth Government Australia Day Sports medal for the year 2000 for contribution to tennis.

He was a Player Liaison Officer at the Australian Open from 1983 when Melbourne Park opened through to 2007.

Morris was an extremely active member of the Victorian tennis community whose impact to the sport was felt not only at Eaglemont Tennis Club but throughout surrounding clubs and Associations as well.