6 June 2018 | Tennis Victoria

Name: Nathan Phillips

Title: Participation Leader – Metro South

What is your role at Tennis Victoria: My role is to be the first point of contact to support local clubs, being the support system to promote participation and engagement in tennis. Assisting and providing strategies to help tennis clubs thrive.

Best thing about the role: Creating relationships and engaging with local clubs as well as the flexibility and changing environments you work in very day.

What was your previous role: Club Development Officer at AFL Victoria as well as Fan Development and Community Coordinator at St Kilda Football Club.

What are your interests outside of Tennis Victoria: Sport in general, mainly AFL. I love Carlton Football Club. I like being social and hanging out with mates and love music.

Favourite tennis player/sporting athlete and why: Favourite tennis player for sure is Roger Federer, the way that he goes about his business is just a class above and he is a true professional. My favourite sporting athlete would be Chris Judd, being a Carlton supporter he was fantastic to watch, almost single handily winning games off his own boot.

What is one interesting fact that no one else knows about you: I was the mascot for St Kilda Football Club in New Zealand when the first game for premiership points was played outside of Australia. Plus I am a bit superstitious about numbers and my favourite number is 8.

If you were Prime Minister of Australia for one day, what would your first change be: Make housing much more affordable, especially as a young person finding it very challenging to get into the housing market.

If you had one super power for a day, what would it be: To be able to look into the future and see ways that I could come up with huge ideas that would make loads of money.