21 May 2018 | Tennis Victoria

Sale Tennis Club was awarded a Healthy Skin Award for Excellence in the Promotion of Skin Health in the Community at the 2018 Healthy Skin Awards, which were announced at a special awards night last week at the Melbourne Museum.

The event celebrated individuals and organisations who support and encourage healthy skin practices in the community and within their organisation.

The Skin & Cancer Foundation has been running the Healthy Skin Awards since 2010 and are a valuable way of recognising the contribution to public health of community groups, workplaces and individuals.

They are an intrinsic part of the Foundation’s public education program that raises the community’s awareness of the importance of skin health, and how individuals and organisations can make a big difference in their own communities, whether they be a sporting group, a community organisation, improving the wellbeing of their staff, or advocating on behalf of a special interest group. There are many who are making a considerable difference and the Healthy Skin Awards recognise those individuals and organisations.

Sale Tennis Club’s efforts were rewarded for their education on skin health, which focused primarily on their junior members, as they attempt to establish lifelong healthy skin practices for younger players.  This is driven by the research that shows that skin is most in danger of UV radiation damage in the first 15 years of life.

Sale Tennis Club, in partnership with the Wellington Gippsland Tennis Association, conducted an awareness event for juniors during the 2016/17 season that involved the Skin & Cancer Foundation, Cancer Council Victoria, Tennis Victoria, local MP Danny O’Brien and other local supporters.   In addition, they continue to reinforce the sun awareness message each morning during Associations Junior League and other Club events so that sun smart behaviour becomes ingrained.  The Club has also worked hard to provide the right physical environment with shade structures being prioritised as part of the Club’s facility and more being planned for the future. These structures have been installed in the areas that players and spectators most like to congregate adjacent to the courts and provide effective shelter from the unforgiving summer sun.

Sale Tennis Club is also a member of the GippSport Healthy Sporting Environments program which is a structured program that assists with inclusion for all abilities, alcohol management, healthy eating, injury prevention, UV protection and reduction of tobacco use.  This is in addition to the Club continuing to be a long term Level 3 Good Sports club.

Article courtesy of Sale Tennis Club