2 May 2018 | Tennis Victoria

Name: Deanna Penman

Title: Coach Development Coordinator – Victoria and Tasmania

What is your role at Tennis Victoria:
– Running Coaching Courses – Foundation, Community Coaching, Junior Development, Club Professional
– Running Professional Development workshops across Victoria and Tasmania
– Business Development and onsite training for Coaching’s
– Coaches Conference

Best thing about the role: Getting out to Clubs and Coaches and seeing them in their own environment. That is where the magic happens…

What was your previous role:
– National Academy girls 12 – 15 years old coach
– Tennis Australia Learning Facilitator
– Head Coach
– Get In Cardio Tennis Coordinator for Tennis Victoria

What are your interests outside of Tennis Victoria: V8 Supercars / Formula One / or anything cars, Soccer, Golf

Favourite tennis player/sporting athlete and why: Steffi Graf – Just the way she handled herself on the Court. Compete. Respect. Commit.

What is one interesting fact that no one else knows about you: I travelled around Australia for 1 year when I was 18 years old with the Carnival folk working in the amusement industry. “Small hands, smells like cabbage”.

If you were Prime Minister of Australia for one day, what would your first change be: I would change the Eastern Freeway speed limit to 130kph

If you had one super power for a day, what would it be:
Tough one as I think I would want two…
1) I would choose cloning, so I could get a few mirror images of myself and complete all my tasks faster.
2) Eat whatever I wanted for the day and not put on any weight!