9 August 2017 | Tennis Victoria

After a pulsating weekend of Sectional Finals, this weekend will see the winning Sectional Finals teams advance to the next stage of the Grade Finals series.

Tennis Victoria has finalised the rankings of the Sectional Final winners in each Grade and the 2017 Tennis Victoria Grade Finals series will begin this Saturday across the men’s and women’s competition categories.

The higher advancing team within a Section is automatically allocated a ‘rank’ and a home final in the first week. The other lower finishing Sectional Finals winner from the Section are placed on the opposite side of the draw.

The Grade Finals series will be played throughout August with the advancing teams facing knockout finals each weekend.

Tennis Victoria’s Competitions Manager, Jeff Downes, is looking forward to the next month of tennis action.

“The month of August is one of the real highlights of Tennis Victoria’s yearly calendar with our competition’s coveted Grade Final series,” he said.

“With the scheduling of our Grand Finals, we do our best to group as many at one venue to ensure a real vibrant finals atmosphere and we look forward, with great anticipation, to what lies ahead over the next few weekends as clubs chase that prestigious pennant flag.”

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