13 November 2023 | Tennis Victoria

Retiring Eastern Region Tennis President, Robert Jackson was recognised by the Tennis Victoria Board for his services when awarded a Highly Commended Service Award on Friday 20 October.

A Highly Commended Service Award is an award to recognise those who have demonstrated their long-term volunteer contribution to the sport of tennis in Victoria through exemplary service to multiple Tennis Victoria affiliated clubs, Associations or Tennis Victoria. Service can be continuous or broken and should be no less than 15 years. A maximum of ten Highly Commended Service Awards are awarded per calendar year. 

Robert has led Eastern region Tennis (ERT) for over 26 years. He was the President from 1999-2023 and Vice President for two years prior.

Under Robert’s leadership ERT has strengthened from reviewing formats and creating change that have encouraged a wider network of clubs to join the competition. The introduction of various formats has seen significant growth, with the ERT competition now extending from Diamond Creek in the North to Reservoir in the West and Hallam in the South and Warburton in the East.

Robert was a major contributor to ERT becoming the first Association to implement competitions for juniors 12/u (green ball), 10/u (orange ball) and 8/u (red ball). Robert encouraged parent participation at these competitions and has helped new juniors and parents learn tennis in a friendly and comfortable environment. There are currently over 99 teams (over 300 juniors) playing in the introductory formats in the ERT competitions.

Alongside his voluntary role with ERT Robert has been the President of the Bayswater North Tennis Club since 1983.

A Life Member of ERT and a recipient of a Tennis Service Award in 2010, this Highly Commended Service Award is a much-deserved accolade for Robert.

Upon receiving the award, Robert said “that he accepted it on behalf of the many people he has worked with during his time with Eastern Region Tennis, it’s a team effort and he looks forward to seeing the competition continue to develop.”

Congratulations Robert!