7 September 2021 | Tennis Victoria

Tennis Victoria are continuing to advocate for the safe return of tennis. As part of our advocacy work, the following letter has been sent to the Victorian Premier, The Hon. Daniel Andrews, the Chief Health Officer, Professor Brett Sutton and the Minister for Community Sport, The Hon. Ros Spence.

Dear Premier,

RE: Return to tennis in Victoria

We write to you on behalf of the near 500,000 tennis participants, coaches and administrators across Victoria.  

We appreciate the ongoing efforts the Victorian State Government is doing to manage COVID-19 and keeping the Victorian community safe. This outbreak is having huge impacts on the economy, small business and the health and wellbeing of all Victorians. Tennis Victoria would like to assist the Victorian Government with providing physical wellbeing opportunities to the Victorian community, this is why we are advocating for a return to tennis in a COVIDSafe way.

We know tennis participation is COVIDSafe. Tennis is a physically distanced sport. Two people can access a tennis court and stay more than 20m apart for the duration of their session. With over 850 tennis clubs and 800 coaches across Victoria, many Victorians have access to a tennis facility within their local community.

We believe by opening tennis clubs and permitting coaching or play for two people on a court will provide physical and mental health improvements to many Victorians. This will also help in reducing the gatherings of Victorians exercising on walking paths and in open spaces. Tennis clubs are controlled environments and can be used without accessing indoor club houses. Since the pandemic began, Tennis in Victoria has seen a 21% increase in participation. It is clear that tennis is seen by many as a COVIDSafe recreational activity. In 215 clubs across Victoria, we have the Book a Court system in place where people can book online to access the facility.

Throughout the pandemic, Tennis Victoria has continued to promote the State Governments COVIDSafe messaging to ensure tennis stays a safe sport to participate in. All tennis facilities have QR code check in signage, all players are encouraged to wear a mask, bring and use their own equipment, stay distanced when playing and stay at their own ends of the court. Tennis Victoria also provided hand sanitiser to many clubs last year to assist in keeping our tennis community safe.

We understand the State Governments next opportunity for change is when Victorians hit 70% first dose vaccination levels. We would like to support Government in promoting this messaging. We think tennis can play a role in promoting Vaccin-ace-tion throughout our community. When it comes to vaccinations, it’s the only time you need to get your 1st serve and 2nd serve in!

Tennis takes its obligation to support public health initiatives seriously to keep the community safe and this has been demonstrated by clubs, and tennis-coaching small businesses complying with their COVIDSafe plans and associated procedures.  We acknowledge that this pandemic continues to be an incredibly difficult time for you and State Government. We respectfully ask that tennis is considered in future decisions for physical exercise opportunities for the community.

We remain committed to providing safe, inclusive and thriving playing environments for all Victorians.

Kind regards

Adam Crameri                                                                                                  Jacqueline Pirone
Acting CEO                                                                                                            President

Tennis Victoria                                                                                                    Tennis Victoria