6 September 2021 | Tennis Victoria

With the recent Victorian Government lockdown extension announcement on September 1, unfortunately the 2021 Tennis Victoria Pennant finals series have been cancelled.

With the cancellation of the finals series, and the interrupted nature of this season, Tennis Victoria are unable to award Premiers for either Grades or Sections.

Tennis Victoria Acting CEO Adam Crameri was disappointed at the outcome of the 139th year of this Tennis Victoria competition.

“Unfortunately, due to washouts and COVID-19 restrictions there were some divisions where teams had played other teams only once, and in some cases not at all. Because of this, there was an imbalance in fixtures. To protect the integrity of the competition, it did not allow Tennis Victoria to award a Premier in each division for this year.”

“The structure of our season ensures it’s completed before Spring School Holidays. With the Victorian lockdown extending and the uncertainty around the return of community sport, we’re conscious of club and players availabilities scheduled for later in the year.”

Tennis Victoria appreciates the clubs’ and players’ flexibility and support throughout 2021. Thank you very much for your contribution to a positive playing experience for our players; we could not make our competition successful without you.

Tennis Victoria will welcome feedback from all stakeholders on our Men’s and Women’s Pennant format in the coming months, so keep an eye on your email for a survey that will assist us shape the competition for the future.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing all Tennis Victoria Pennant players back in 2022.