27 March 2018 | Tennis Victoria

During a nine-week coaching program at The Northern School for Autism, Yvonne Fantin from Topseed Tennis introduced students to tennis.

Approximately 60 children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder were able to gain access to the sport thanks to the modified sessions delivered by Fantin.

The program saw the delivery of ANZ Tennis Hot Shots on a weekly basis, with participants offered a pathway into Hot Shots Match Play and club competition at West Lalor Tennis Club.

Yvonne Fantin was thrilled to be involved in the program and seeing the positive impact it had on the students.

“Our program at the Northern School for Autism is a highly structured program, specifically designed to meet the needs of children with autism,” Fantin said.

“The program has been one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences I’ve had as a coach. It’s fantastic to see the impact that our program is having.

“Along with the physical benefits, our tennis program is also improving the social skills and boosting the self-esteem of children with autism.

“These children are also offered a pathway beyond tennis at school. They can become members of West Lalor Tennis Club and participate in club events, ANZ Hot Shots Match Play and coaching programs,” she said.

The school was extremely pleased with the program suggesting it was the most popular sporting program they’ve had delivered.

With such positive feedback, the school has signed a national school partnership program with Topseed Tennis allowing them to run tennis as part of the school’s physical education curriculum.