7 December 2017 | Tennis Victoria

Tennis Victoria Premier League has concluded for 2017 and although the Grand Final was unable to be played, it hasn’t put a dampener on what was an extremely enthralling season.

The teams that finished on top of their respective ladders walked away with not just a share in $20,000 prize money but the all-important premier’s flag.

Liston Tennis Club went back-to-back on the women’s side and MCC Glen Iris Valley Tennis Club was able to secure the men’s title.

The Paul Arber Memorial Award – named in honour of the late Paul Arber, a well-respected member of the Victorian Tennis community who passed away in 2013 – has been decided. Kimberly Birrell (Liston) and Aaron Addison (MCC Glen Iris Valley) claimed the awards, which is regarded as one of the most prestigious awards in Victorian tennis.

The Ace Award, which is presented to the best performed player(s) across the home and away season, have been won by Aaron Addison (MCC Glen Iris Valley) on the men’s side and jointly won on the women’s side by Jaimee Fourlis (MCC Glen Iris Valley) and Jess Moore (MCC Glen Iris Valley).

Finally, clubs put on impressive spectacles both on and off the court throughout the 2017 Tennis Victoria Premier League season. This sparked the need to reward clubs that hosted a round which engaged their community in a positive way. This year, Community Engagement Awards were available for both the women’s and men’s competitions.

The Community Engagement Award winners were Liston Tennis Club (women) for a stellar opening round which was received very well by community. Bundoora Tennis Club (men) was a standout on the men’s side and was also awarded the Community Engagement Award for the range of activities available during their particular round.

Congratulations are extended to all winners and we hope to see you again for Tennis Victoria Premier League in 2018!