6 September 2017 | Tennis Victoria

Name: Melissa Burrows

Title: General Manager – People, Culture & Communications

What is your role at Tennis Victoria: My role is all about engaging people – both internal (HR) and external (through Marketing & Communications). I am responsible for driving organisational strategies which develop & engage our staff to maintain a high performance work culture.

Best thing about the role: I love working in the sporting industry, everyone is so passionate about their jobs and about making a difference in the community. It’s an amazing culture to be a part of.

What was your previous role: I was the HR Manager at West Coast Eagles for a bit over 7 years (So I am still getting used to Melbourne weather!)

What are your interests outside of Tennis Victoria: I love going to concerts/ gigs/ musicals/ plays… I’m very excited to begin enjoying the cultural side of Melbourne.

Favourite tennis player/sporting athlete and why: It’s a tie between Rafael Nadal & Roger Federer, they are so captivating to watch – especially when playing each other!

What is one interesting fact that no one else knows about you: I have many irrational fears… I have recently conquered the fear of sitting next to someone while they eat grapes… but I have never been able to get rid of my fear of ants – I will avoid footpaths when I see them!

If you were Prime Minister of Australia for one day, what would your first change be: Legalise marriage equality

If you had one super power for a day, what would it be: To be able to slow down time & spend the day (spanning the length of a year) on the beaches of Hawaii.