3 May 2017 | Tennis Victoria

Name: Jessica McCormack

Title: Player Support and Events Administrator

What is your role at Tennis Victoria: My role at Tennis Victoria is to coordinate the administration and delivery of all initiatives to support junior players in Victoria. I will be assisting with several tennis events throughout Victoria, assisting players in the Athlete Development pathway (particularly in the Regional areas of Victoria) and to develop their understanding of the opportunities within key player program opportunities including regional and state events.

Best thing about the role: The best thing about my role is developing so many key relationships with internal and external stakeholders, and getting to assist players in being able to achieve their goals via Tennis Victoria programs. It is also great travelling to parts of regional Victoria that I may not have travelled to before, and seeing their dedication and passion for the sport we all love.

What was your previous role: For the past two years, I have been juggling two casual roles, one of them being at Tennis Australia, and the other being at the Western Bulldogs Football Club in the membership department.

What are your interests outside of Tennis Victoria: Outside of Tennis Victoria, I love to spend time with family, travel and explore places in Melbourne/Victoria that I may not have been to before,and follow the AFL.

Favourite tennis player/sporting athlete and why: Like many others, I would have to say my favourite tennis player is Roger Federer. I admire his compassionate personality and the respect he has for others and the game of tennis. I also admire Dyson Heppell for being an outstanding team player and great leader – I’m a Bombers supporter.

What is one interesting fact that no one else knows about you: I don’t think too many people know that I’m also a qualified teachers aid.

If you were Prime Minister of Australia for one day, what would your first change be: I think my first change would be developing a way to ensure that the younger generation and first home buyers can find it easier to get into the property market, so I can into the market also.

If you had one super power for a day, what would it be: I think my super power would definitely being able to fly. I live approximately 70kms from Melbourne so it would be great to avoid the morning and afternoon peak hour traffic!