15 December 2015 | Tennis Coaches Australia- Victoria

Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club hosted the 2015 Tennis Coaches Australia- Victoria (TCAV) Awards Night last month with close to 100 guests enjoying the evening.

Many of the TCAV gusts included coaching royalty and Life Members Judy Bull, Robert Peterson and Norm Cahill as well as eight Hall of Famers; Ian Barclay, Don Cameron, Rupert Ferdinands, Will Coghlan, Colin Price, Colin Davis, Lois Plowman and Victor Eke.

Tennis Victoria’s President Gary Clark and CEO Matthew Kennedy, former Tennis Australia CEO Steve Wood along with TCAV Board members all attended the evening to celebrate many deserving winners.

During the evening, Hall of Famer Don Cameron was the winner of $3,000 towards the 2016 TCAV trip to the USPTA Coaches Conference in Indian Wells and Las Vegas. Don was there on the night and delighted to win.

2015 Tennis Coaches Australia- Victoria (TCAV) Award Recipients:

Joint winners of the TCAV ‘ROOKIE OF THE YEAR’ Award (Coaches 25 years and Under):

Ebony Miles, 22, from Sportsci Tennis Academy.

Ebony has spent six years under head Coach Danielle Borle and covers all aspects of the coaching arena and administration. Ebony recently returned from the TCAV’s inaugural trip to the USPTA Coaches Conference in New Orleans.

Michael Mattschoss, 24, Eildon Park Tennis Club.

Michael was our other ‘Rookie’ winner after working tirelessly for three years for his best friend and mentor Adrian Muscillo. Michael’s qualifications included coaching, nutrition, personal training and he was full of great initiatives and a charisma that kids were drawn to.
Sadly, Michael passed away two months ago and his award was accepted by his proud Mum and Dad. An emotional moment for all.

TCAV ‘RISING STAR” Award (Coaches 30 years and under) – Lawrence Gileno, 28, Hume Tennis Centre.

Lawrence has worked tirelessly for his Head Coach Tim Connelly for 11 years covering all areas from Hot Shots to Cardio Tennis to new adult competitions. Lawrence was also proactive in attending this year’s USPTA Coaches Conference where his passion for coaching was evident.

TCAV George Gilmour Club Coach of The Year – Shane Scrutton, Eaglemont Tennis Club.

Shane has just completed 13 years of loyal service to the Eaglemont Tennis Club. Shane is a TACM Club Professional and Master Club Coach and has the full spectrum of coaching covered.

He and his 10 Assistant coaches share their passion for coaching with over 400 students on a weekly basis. Shane covers all areas from Tennis in Schools, Hot Shots, Cardio, Squads, has a fabulous website and business system and helped write Eaglemont’s detailed Business and Development Plan.

TCAV Hall of Fame – Larry Dempster.

Larry was then very deservedly inducted into the TCAV Hall of Fame after a lifetime of service to the tennis community. Larry has been Head Coach at Beaumaris Tennis Club for 25 years and 10 years at Melbourne Grammar School. He has taken kids from grassroots to grand slams on many occasions and has had a player in the Australian Open for 20 years in a row. His passion for the game and creating the family environment is special.

Life membership – Peter Owen

The highlight of the night was Peter Owen honoured with Life membership of his beloved TCAV. Peter spent two years as President of TCAV and 12 years on the Board. His mountains of voluntary hours included so many fantastic initiatives including:
TCAV new website; transitioning from TCA to support TA as they embarked upon their national role of Coach Education; and instigating our TCAV Awards night exactly 10 years ago.

How apt that he should now be honoured with Life Membership and go up on the TCAV Honour Board hanging in TV offices. Even though Peter has nailed every Newcomb Medal Award from Club Coach to Tennis Community to Best School, he said this Life Membership was his proudest achievement.