29 October 2020 | Tennis ACT

Canberra Tennis has sparked an electric atmosphere with the introduction of the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) Friday Night Lights Canberra.  The eight week twilight competition is headlined by the UK’s Brydan Klein (UTR 14.05) and Canberra’s own James Frawley (UTR 12.85).  The pair lead the competition which features 10 of Canberra’s up and coming players.

The first two weeks have already progressed with the highly rated pair dominating the competition yet providing a welcome competitive experience for local up and coming players alongside of ACT’s highly rated players.

Tennis Australia National Development Coach – ACT, Milo Bradley, mentions, “The objective of UTR Friday Night Lights is to provide more competitive opportunities for our players during a year when these opportunities have been few and far between.

“We have been fortunate in the Men’s to have some older players stick their hands up to compete to challenge our up and coming players.  While in the women, although small in numbers, it was our objective to get some type of competitive opportunity happening.”

The Playing line up includes:

Men’s UTR 8.5 and above Women’s UTR 7 and above
Brydan Klein Ashleigh Simes
James Frawley Alyssa Simoncini
Charlie Camus Aliyah Dwyer
Charlie Snow Isabella Andrews
Lachlan Rowing
Brendan Middleton
Mikey Pribyl
Dylan White
Anirudh Nallaparaju
Phillip Nguyen

Results can be found here.

What is a UTR? Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) is an international tennis rating system that connects millions of tennis players around the world to help them find better matches locally. UTR reflects a player’s current skill level based on head-to-head match scores, and rates all players across age, gender and nationality on the same 16-point scale. Every player can have a UTR – from the pros to juniors to social tennis players.