Funding and Facilities

A tennis court complex, be it residential, business or local club, involves a significant investment of time, effort and finances. Naturally, everyone involved wants the best return on these investments. It is essential that any facility development is planned, implemented and managed effectively. Defining needs, plans and organisation is important to ensuring a facility project commences successfully. Once this is complete a knowledge of the financial commitment must be defined. With all this in place a good foundation for seeking assistance for both the project and financial investment has been undertaken.

There are a variety of funding options available to clubs who are looking to upgrade their facility.  These include

ACT Government Sport and Recreation Grants Program (SRGP)

The Sport & Recreation Grants Program (SRGP), are administered by Sport and Recreation Services (SRS) .  The SRGP provides assistance to organisations to support participation in active lifestyles through the delivery of quality programs, services and facilities for the benefit of the Canberra community.  For more information on the various SRGP please click here.

National Court Rebate

Tennis Australia’s National Court Rebate (NCR) assists state/territory member affiliates, local governments and National School Partnership Program (NSPP) schools to develop new tennis courts or upgrade old courts and associated infrastructure. For more information, please click here

Tennis Australia Facility Loan

The Tennis Australia Facility Loan Scheme financially assists affiliated Australian Tennis Clubs, Centres and Associations with upgrades, replacements and improvements on their tennis facilities, by providing low interest loans. For more information, please click here

Australian Sports Foundation

The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) was established by the Australian Government to assist community organisations raise funds for the development of Australian sport.

The ASF work with the Australian sporting community to raise funds for Australian sport through the Fundraising4Sport program and provide small grants to community and grassroots sporting organisations to grow participation in sport through the Giving4Grassroots™ fund.