6 August 2020 | Tennis ACT

As we approach the spring season of The Walking Clinic Adult Canberra Tennis League, we take a look at players from across Canberra and region.

Meet Allison Jordan. Allison is an active member of the Kippax Tennis Club, and has been representing The Kippax Platypus for five years in the Canberra Tennis League.

We take a look at Allison’s tennis journey, and how she got involved in the sport.


How did you get involved in tennis?

I got involved with being on the court multiple times a week through my children’s training.

With the age old saying ‘can’t beat em, join em’. My husband and I use it as a social active outlet, we have always tried to play a sport together and tennis is the best option. I have been playing for the last five years.

How long have you been a member at Kippax Tennis Club?

I have been a member of Kippax Tennis Club for three years. It is a friendly club, with great facilities including a court refurbishment that has improved the aesthetics. The club continues to do upgrades, which is great to see. I love playing at the club, and it is a safe and supportive environment for all ages and abilities.

What does your tennis week look like?

My tennis week is pretty busy. I have a practice hit once a week, play in the Canberra Tennis League one night a week, then the majority of the other days I am at the club supporting the kids. On top of this, I also work full time as a nurse.

What is the best thing about playing in the Canberra Tennis League?

It’s a fun, social and an active outlet that gets my husband and I out of the house once a week without children. Thursday night is also a great way to catch up with players with snacks and drinks after the match – it is a great way to meet new people!

Your favourite tennis player?

Rafael Nadal. He is methodical about his approach of his tennis game. He is a great role model for kids up and coming into tennis.

What advice would you give to anyone keen to try tennis?

Get out there and give it a go. I have come from never playing tennis to competing on a Monday night and giving it my best shot. I don’t get a lot of wins in my singles matches, but it keeps me fit and active and is a lot of fun.

Thanks very much to Allison, and we wish her and the Kippax Platypus all the best for the Canberra Tennis League.