FAST4 is a TEAM competition comprising:

  • Four player teams (any number on team list)
  • All doubles (same gender or unisex)
  • Team names and colours
  • 75% compression balls
  • 75 mins (4 sets of FAST4) and music
  • 7 week season at centralised venue

When & Where?

The pilot of FAST4 FRIDAYS will be hosted by North Woden Tennis Club.

Venue: Canberra Tennis Centre 
Dates: 4 March – 8 April 
Time: 7am – 8:15am
Entries Close: Friday 25 February 

Online Registration & Payments

Players can sign up and pay online either as an individual or as a team. Note: If your Team has less than four players we can assist with finding you extra players.

All entries are through Match Centre. Note: new players will be asked to create a free account and login prior to being able to register.

Click Here to Enter Now

Need help – online instructions are available for Entering a Competition or please contact the Customer Service team on 1800 752 983

Rules & Regulations

Scoring will be numerical (1,2,3,4) rather than 15,30,40

  • Play Lets (in doubles either of the receiving pair can play the let)
  • No AD scoring (at 3-3 “next point wins” and receivers decide which side)
  • Tiebreaker at 3 games all (first to 5 points)
    • 2 points serving each (starting deuce side)
    • If Tiebreaker reaches 4-4 it’s “next point wins” and players spin racquet with winning pair deciding who serves; receivers decide which side.
  • First to 4 games wins the set

FAST4 FRIDAYS also features a Power Play

  • Power Play (each player has the ability to nominate a “Power Play” once per set when serving)
    • The winner of the Power Play point receives 2 points.

Match Structure & Duration

Teams of 4 play sets of doubles against an opposing team each week. There are a total of eight sets played. Each player plays with all their teammates across two courts with one doubles combination repeated.

For example Team Red vs Team Blue would look like:

Court 1 Court 2
1&2 v 1&2 (1 set) 3&4 v 3&4 (1 set)
1&3 v 1&3 (1 set) 2&4 v 2&4 (1 set)
1&4 v 1&4 (1 set) 2&3 v 2&3 (1 set)
1&2 v 1&2 (1 set) 3&4 v 3&4 (1 set)

An average set takes approx. 15 minutes with longer sets taking up to 22 minutes. All matches should be completed within 60 – 90 minutes. 90 minutes total allows for changeovers between matches and a short warm up prior to the first match. Players are encouraged to keep playing / hitting if there is a small wait for their teammates to finish.