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2017 - 2018 AYC Season

Hi Players

Welcome to the AYC Season 2017/18

On the following page you will find reports, newsletters, rosters, grading lists, rules and other information that is relevant to the running of the season.

The information will be updated as the information becomes available;

for further information email the AYC Committee [email protected]

Photos of some of the Winners of the Mixed Championships Wed 7th Sept 2017


AGM Annual Report 2017

AGM Minutes June 26th 2017-2

Pre-season AYC Newsletter -2017-18-(2)

AYC Calender 2017-18

AYC Grading List – 14th Jan 2018

AYC Info & Roster 2017-18

AYC Newsletter no. One 2017-18

 AYC Newsletter no. two 2017-18

January Newsletter 2018