AYC Pennant

Eric Wolfe Award

For approximately 20 years Eric Wolfe served as the delegate for the Northern Suburbs Club. This was the period when the A.Y.C Tennis Association consisted almost entirely of private social groups. Many players, who were introduced into the A.Y.C competition by Eric, later became prominent members of suburban clubs, which are now the major competitors in this Association. Their subsequent enthusiasm was, no doubt the result of the example set by Eric.
He served for many years on the Match & Tournament and Social Committees and always offered assistance in the management of the Championships, which included numbers in excess of 250.
Eric was renowned for his sportsmanship and gentlemanly court behaviour, with a game characterised by heavily spun serves and a powerful forehand. In mixed doubles he always served more gently to the ladies.
The 1985/86 season was saddened by Eric’s passing. He was much respected and admired.
The Northern Suburbs Club in recognition of Eric’s contribution made this award available to the Association.

The following people have been awarded the Eric Wolfe Award:

85/86     Liz Watson – Glenorchy
86/87     Verlie Kitchener – St Therese’s
87/88     Ean Cannell – Geilston Bay
88/89     Les House – Sorell
89/90     John Brereton – Elmsleigh
90/91     Bryan Newitt – Sorell
91/92     Tony Dalton – St Therese’s
92/93     Bill Watson – Glenorchy
93/94     Wayne Alomes – Sorell
94/95     Laraine Penwright – Campania
95/96     Pat Hood – Glenorchy
96/97     Sue Hardwick – Richmond
97/98     Robin Hood – Glenorchy
98/99     Kerry Christie – St Therese’s
99/00     Graeme Farrell- Sunshine
00/01     Daphne Clements –Glenorchy
01/02     not awarded
02/03     Chris Cohen – Kingston
03/04     Malcolm Ross – Geilston Bay
04/05     Jude Weir – Kingston
05/06     Elizabeth McKay – Glenorchy
06/07     Not awarded
07/08     Di Horne – St Therese’s
08/09     Not awarded
09/10     Ros Williams – St Therese’s
10/11     Not awarded
11/12     Marie Woolley – Kingston
12/13     Sharon Hibberd – Sorell
13/14     Michael Foster – Glenorchy
14/15     Elliott Booth – Glenorchy