AYC Pennant

Survey 2015


As with any organisation it is important to regularly review its operations. The AYC competition is no exception. The aim being to see what is working well (core positives) and look at those areas that have been identified as contributing to the gradual decline of participation in the AYC competition in recent years.

To this end, please find the link above to a survey of some of the areas that have been identified as needing looking at.

Research has shown that if you don’t reply to a survey within 24 hours there is only a 10% chance you will reply. To help you to reply promptly, AYC is providing an incentive – every completed survey received before the cut-off date will go into the draw to win their next year’s tennis club registration fees.   Complete this survey, with your name and club entered, by Wednesday the 10th June to go into the draw to win next year’s registration fees.

Please take the time to complete this survey so as the AYC committee can make our competition stronger and reverse the current reduction in participation.

Lastly, at the end of the survey, please take the opportunity to make any comments that you feel are relevant. Please include those areas that you feel we do well and those that you feel need improving.