Maitland District Tennis Association

News 20/07/17

20 July 2017 |

Welcome back to all players after the break, our Thursday ladies and Saturday Competitions will resume this with reasonable entries being received for these competitions. The Saturday competitions have all been set down for play at Maitland City Tennis Club with a starting time of 12.45.


Thursday Women: S. Buckman, P.Capotosto, D. Cheetham, V. Daniels, J. Edstein, D. Ernst, S. Gallagher, H. Roberts, J. Whittle, B. Windon.

Men’s Division1:

1s: M. Bullent, P. Peters, S. Rye, J. Quinn, G. Hayes, D. Whiting, G. Sciffer

2s: I.Hughes, J. Dunlop, R. Eaton, P. Johnson, R. Anderson, A. MacDonald, C. Rye

3s: C. Farley, A. Hodgson, D. Hancock, J. Whiting, I. McGregor, J. Gronow, W.Percival

Please Note: The team of M. Bullent, C. Rye and W. Percival has the bye this Saturday.

Men’s Division2 Teams:        

City 1- S.Sciffer/D.Oysten/M.Crebert, City 2-W.Burrows/Z.Lyall/M.McKeough, City 3-G.Crebert/D.Crebert/ N.Twentyman, City 4-P.Mali/G.McArthur/A.Palmer, City 5-J.Adams/M.Adams/R.Hale, MTC1-J.Dundas/G.Digal/ A.Correll/J.Marsh

The Divisions1 and 2 Women are playing in a combined competition.


S.Anderson, B.Bower, K.Farley, M.Merriman, D.Presland, A.Roughan


A.De Marchi, H.Ooms, C.Lilley, R.Spalding, M.Terry, R.Westbury


All players are reminded of the earlier starting time.

Draws for all teams will be available at Maitland City Tennis Club on Saturday.

Any player needing a fill-in is advised to organise one ASAP as there are very few extra players.